Saturday, November 20, 2010

Win A ButterBall Product Coupon

This giveaway is going to be different from any other that i've posted in the past. I really want to get views up on this video, because the more views there are, the more money is going to be donated to help feed someone in need, up to $5000 and it ends on 12/3/2010. $1 is donated per viewing of this video and as of the last time I checked, there have only been 300 views. So the mandatory entry for this one is to watch this video and leave a comment stating that you've done so below. You can find more ways to enter below the video.

Additional Entries:
1. Embed this video on your blog and leave a link to your post as a comment
2. Tweet up to once per hour:
  " 5000 views equals $5000 to help someone in need. Please watch this video: "
3. Share the video with your Facebook friends and leave a comment letting me know 
that you have.

This giveaway will close on 12/5 and the prize is a $15 coupon toward a Butterball 

*Disclosure: I was sent product coupons to hold giveaways. No further compensation 
has been received.