Monday, November 22, 2010

Tricks for Getting More Fiber Into Your Kids Diet

In my post on Pedia-Lax, I mentioned the results of a report which states that 90% of children don't get enough fiber. I also mentioned that Pedia-Lax is intended to supplement children's daily intake of other fiber containing foods including fruits and veggies. I'm dedicating this post to share some tips on this fact sheet from top dietitian, Liz Weiss, on how to incorporate more fiber into your kids' diet.

  • Go With Guacamole
Kids love to dunk foods, so introduce a new dip. Create a kid friendly guacamole by combining at least 3/4 of a mashed, ripe avocado with some coarsely chopped fresh cilantro and a dash of freshly-squeezed lime juice. Offer sliced raw veggies or whole-grain tortilla chips on the side for even more fiber. (I also like to add chopped onions and diced tomatoes and a little salt to my guacamole)

  • Fiberlicious French Toast
Many kids shy away from "brown bread," but if you disguise it as something else, you can easily add more fiber at the start of the day. Make French toast by switching from traditional white bread to 100% whole wheat bread, and top with 1/4 cup of naturally-sweet fresh strawberries or try a sliced banana for a few more grams of fiber.

  • Penguin Power
Boost your child's fiber (ages 2-11) with Pedia-Lax Fiber gummies; just three of these penguin shaped gummies add 6 grams of fiber to your child's daily diet. They can be taken together or given one per meal.

  • Makeover Delight
Meatloaf is a staple on most family dinner menus. Take your favorite meatloaf recipe and upgrade it with more fiber by adding 1/3 cup of ground flaxseed, one shredded carrot and a 15 oz can of drained black beans.

  • An Apple A Day
Parents often peel apples, but leaving the skin on a medium sized apple and slicing it up for easy eating keeps it to five grams of fiber. Add a tablespoon of peanut butter on the edges (if kids balk at the peel) for an extra gram of fiber.

  • Smooth it Over
Choose a fiber-rich yogurt with at least 5 grams of fiber and blend with your favorite fruit.

And lastly I would love to point you to a site designed to help moms make healthier meals that appeal to kids. That site is Meal Makeover Moms.