Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rescue Me From My Washer and Dryer

Click! Wap! Boom! 

These are the sounds you could hear coming from my basement. Sounds produced by my clicking the reset button on the outlet that our washing machine was plugged into. As time progressed, it got to the point that i'd have to slap the thing to get it to continue washing. It even elevated to kicking. Sometimes i'd send my son downstairs to do my "dirty work."

Yes, I am grateful because I remember the days of going to the laundromat, often with a packed parking lot. I really don't miss that and i'd keep Bertha and Johnny Boy as long as they'll get the work done, but they are old and the wear is so obvious.

We ended up with this couple because we had to get a plumber in to fix a leak. He let us know he had them and sold them to us for a decent price that we really couldn't afford to refuse. Everything was fine in the beginning, but the true colors of that washing machine started to show first. 

Eventually the reset button on the outlet that it was plugged into went out and we had to get a power strip to move it to the outlet in which the dryer is plugged. We've tweaked some things and for now it's still going, but now the dryer is starting to keep up a noise that doesn't sound well at all.

I don't know how old this couple is. Maybe someone can give me an idea if I share with you the fact that you can not change the water temperature setting? Oh well. I'm thinking that it's getting close to time for them to retire. I don't think they can hang in there too much longer.