Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pedia-Lax Fiber Gummies for Kids Review and Giveaway

I consider myself blessed because all four of my children really like most fruits and veggies. There are many days, though, that I, as a mom, don't always see to them getting enough. I don't care to buy canned veggies or fruits because of the sodium content in the vegetables and loads of sugary substances in the fruit. Fresh veggies and fruit end up sitting around too long many times and end up going bad. Frozen veggies would be my preference, but after filling our freezer with so many other items, we don't have much room left. A lack of fruits and veggies is equal to a lack of required fiber, unless of course you're supplementing. I know that I am not alone in not seeing to my children getting enough fiber in their diets, because according to reports, a whopping 90 percent of kids are not getting the daily recommended fiber!

I was sent these Pedia-Lax Fiber Gummies to review along with my children, and they love these. All four of them. After seeing their expressions and hearing what they thought about them, I had to try for myself. I mean, how often is it that something good for you gets such a positive reaction?  They really do taste like gummy bears.

Pedia-Lax Gummies are designed for children ages 2-11 and are designed to support better digestive health. I was really impressed when I read on the fact sheet that having only 3 of these gummies per day provides fiber equal to that in 1/2 cup of broccoli! Now these gummies are not meant to replace fruits and vegetables, but to act as a supplement along with those that they're eating.

Pedia-Lax Fiber Gummies are available in CVS and Target stores as well as online. They retail for the suggested price of $7.99 for a bottle of 60. You can keep up with Pedia-Lax updates via their Facebook Page.

I would also like to inform you of a contest that Pedia-Lax has going on where there are some awesome prizes to be won including $1200 for a set of bicycles and a Wii system along with some fantastic others. This contest ends 11/30, so hurry and get your entries in HERE.

One of you is going to win a bottle of your own to let the kiddos try out.

Mandatory Entry:
Name something you do for yourself or your children to get extra fiber in your diets in a comment below.

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This giveaway will close 12/4

*Disclosure: This item was provided to me to facilitate my review. The review reflects my own opinions and those of my children. No additional compensation has been received. I also received a fact sheet from which I shared the results of the report of children not getting enough fiber and pricing/availability info.