Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Baby 3 and Friends Review

My daughter has never really been one to consistently play with dolls. Neither has she been big on video games. These are things that she's normally content with only for a little while and before you know it, she's on to something else. That's why I was surprised at the interest she showed in the My Baby 3 and Friends game.

My Baby 3 and Friends is the third installment of this best selling game. My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed creating her baby; from the gender to the skin and eye colors and even to selecting a name for her. She takes care of her created baby by feeding, bathing and changing her as well as teaching her skills such as shape matching and how to swim. She has even earned money to buy additional clothes and accessories. In this game, the baby also interacts with other babies and a puppy. These are all great tools for sparking your daughter's social development skills.

My Baby 3 and Friends is designed for Nintendo DS and is rated E. The suggested retail price is $29.99. To find out more, you can visit the My Baby 3 website.

*Disclosure: A copy of the My Baby 3 and Friends game was provided to me at no charge to facilitate this review. No additional compensation has been provided.