Monday, November 15, 2010

I want this lens...It's a Tamron lens

I happened to catch a tweet about this lens being given away. Well, I don't have the camera to go along with it... yet, but I remain hopeful that someday I will. Hopefully someday soon. I've seen some awesome pictures that the reviewers have taken, and i'm thinking "Yup, this is the perfect lens to have for my dream camera."

I have really fallen in love with the beauty of photography. I've always noticed beauty in nature, I guess. It's just that now I want to capture it. There's also the fact that I have children, and who doesn't want to capture their children as they grow?

Well I entered to win this lens, as I keep the faith that someday i'll have the camera to go along with it. You can enter to win too. Check out the details at these sites:

1. Steamy Kitchen
2. Southern Hospitality
3. Nie-Nie Reviews

You can also find out about other sites where you can win by checking out this page at the BlogHer site.