Wednesday, November 24, 2010

$1 Off of a Giftcard from Murphy USA...See What I Bought and Get Your Coupon

Since i've been working with Collective Bias, i've learned some interesting things about Murphy USA. They want my business and they're willing to go that extra mile to prove it. You may remember a post from last month where I went out and compared their prices to other local gas stations. They were $0.06 lower than the other local competitors who weren't even trying. I mean, these other gas stations are all on the same street and all of their prices were the same. I had to drive a little further to get to the Murphy USA station, and was amazed at the price difference.

Murphy is offering a $1 off of a giftcard purchase coupon. How often does anyone offer you savings on the purchase of a giftcard? Especially for something they KNOW you NEED like gas. You can use this giftcard as you please whether it be toward the purchase of gas or snacks. The picture above includes everything I purchased with my giftcard.

You can get this same money saving coupon by clicking on it and printing it. Be sure and use it no later than 11/30, when it expires.

You can also check out my full Whrrl story here:

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