Monday, September 20, 2010


Potty training can be difficult, but what do you do when you've tried, and your child doesn't seem to be getting it? Well, my four year old is having issues. Many nights i'm up late, so i'll wake him up when I go up for bed, but sometimes, that still isn't good enough.

This past Tuesday, we went shopping at Office Depot, and while looking through school supplies, I found something that i'm hoping will do the trick:

This is neat little reward chart. We agreed that each night he goes without wetting the bed, he'd get a sticker. Once he gets to 26, he'll get a little something he's been wanting for a long time. He's been begging for a Hulk Mighty Bean. He's had one accident since we've started, but every other day, he's sure to let me know, and he's mighty excited. His excitment rubs off and i'm happy to know that he has the motivation to make him want to try a little harder.