Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Waterpik Medallion Review

When it comes to getting clean, i'm definitely a shower person. Since i've had children of my own, this has become even more true of me. A shower, though, has been simply just a shower, until today. As a member of BSM media, I was sent the Waterpik to install in our home. Installation was very simple. I'm confident that I could have installed it on my own, but I was also operating the camera which would have made it difficult.

The specific model we have is the Waterpik Medallion. It has Optiflow technology which produces up to a 30% stronger water force. It also has 5 settings which include full body spray, circular massage, powerspray, mist and water saver, taking shower time from blah to a much more enjoyable and looked forward to experience.

You can find more information on the Waterpik Medallion at their website.

Disclosure: The Waterpik showerhead was provided to me at no charge to make this review possible. No further compensation has been provided.