Monday, August 16, 2010

A Couple of Coupons to Give Away....


The coupons are spoken for. Stay here for a couple of giveaways that I hope to get up today.

I know that there are several flavors for coffee out there, but sometimes isn't it just great to have just an ordinary cream and sugar cup of coffee?  I also like my Chai tea with cream and sugar. Well, I was sent a coupon to try out Rich's Coffee Rich or RichWhip Topping, but unfortunately I can not find them in my area after checking several stores and have a coupon I would love to send someone. If you know that these products are sold in your area and would like to have this coupon and are willing to send a SASE, i'd love to send you this coupon valued at up to $4. First one to contact me at syner4 at gmail dot com gets it.

The other coupon is for one free French Meadow Bakery Product valued at up to $9.99. I was amazed to see that there is a bread for Men! They also make Hemp Bagels along with other products. I was not able to find this one either and would love to give it away to whoever can, wants it and is willing to send a SASE. Feel free to contact me at syner4 at First one gets it.

Both of these coupons expire 12/31/2010 which gives you plenty of time to use them and i'm willing to send both to one requester. I'll update this when I get the replies.