Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

To all the mothers and mothers to be, I would like to wish you a Happy Mother's Day!


We got up this morning and went to morning service. We were late to Sunday School, but nonetheless caught the end of it. I hate being late especially for my childrens' sake, because they learn so much, even when I think i've covered just about every Old Testament story with them, i'm constantly finding out i've missed something. Our Pastor's wife was the speaker and she talked about the book of Ruth, and showed us how it compared to her life.

After she finished, little bags were handed out to the moms with handkerchiefs in them that say Yes, Lord! true woman, along with chocolate mints and a hershey's kiss. I'm supposing it was the men's department that bought the carnations for the mother's.

After arriving back home, we took the children to my dad's and my husband and I went out and picked up a few things from the grocery store and had a speed date consisting of coffee and brownies at the coffee shop.

So here we are now, back at home with our children, back to life as we know it. It really is great being a mom. It has it's trying times, but thank God we can always bounce back. I heard it only gets better. Here's to looking forward to the years to come.

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Image courtesy of FreeFoto