Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Case of the Missing Keys

The last time I remembered seeing my keys was when my sister asked to borrow them because she thought she'd locked hers in her car (I have a copy of hers). I remembered her returning them, but don't recall seeing them anymore since then (until today, but i'll get there. This was approximately 2 months ago now.

I'd given up. I had caught my 2 year old dropping things outside of the screen. Maybe he'd somehow got them to fit through that hole too? Well, I checked. And while I did find a marker, a Magic Jack and some other small items, the keys were not there. I just wrote them off as having been thrown away by him, and decided i'd depend on my husband's set until he decided to make another copy of all of his keys for me.

Today comes, as we're readying ourselves for church. Deuce and Diamond get into an argument about who the cardboard dice belongs to. The one that came in the kid's meal that they don't play with anyway. An argument that started several days ago, and for some reason couldn't wait at least until after church. I don't know exactly what Deuce was looking for when he went to look underneath the wooden displays in our kitchen, but he found my keys. HE Found My Keys. I'd looked up and down, high and low, here and there, thought about offering a reward, and completely given up on them. My keys once lost, now found.