Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Perfect Mother's Day

Well since i'm using this post to describe my favorite Mother's Day I guess I have to include children, right? Well, my perfect Mother's Day would be one in which I could rest; just sort of have the day off. No cooking, no cleaning, yet everyone's content. Maybe take out. I'd go with Italian or Chinese. A nice family movie in the dark with popcorn and perhaps a nice cold soft drink. If it would be just perfect, well the temperature would be just right and the bed would be right in our living room, for this one night only because our bedrooms are all upstairs and it would be nice to not have to walk up all of the stairs after enjoying a movie with the family. Well I guess then that we would also need a bathroom located on our first floor as well, because that too is upstairs (sigh). Oh well, I guess no perfect Mother's Day for me. But as long as I have my family and know that they're all well, that's about as perfect as it gets.

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