Sunday, February 14, 2010

Finally After (almost) 9 Years!!

I've been married to my husband for going on 9 years. I've always ranted about him not buying me flowers. Don't get me wrong, he'll grab me a box of chocolates easily, but i've just always wanted him to do the flower thing. Seriously, it's just been a here and there thing, seemingly more as a result of my complaining. I mean, he'd say like "Oh yeah, i'm gonna get you some flowers," but i'd always intercept letting him know that I wanted it to be a surprise and not just because I mentioned it. I wanted it to happen at that time I was least expecting it. So, Friday comes (this past Friday) and he calls me downstairs after he gets in from work. My oldest son is on his way down too and I noticed he didn't want him to come down, so i'm thinking he has some sort of surprise for the kids that he didn't want them to know about yet. There on the table are these BEAUTIFUL pink ROSES and the cutest little teddy bear and some chocolates. He Finally did it. He got me flowers (awwwwww). And it was totally unexpected. So this shout out is to my honey, the love of my life....

♥ Baby, I love You ♥