Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ultimate Cloth Review

When I was first approached to review this product, let me tell you I was a bit skeptical at some of the claims made. Claims such as the ability to clean with just water and that it would leave a streak free finish. When I actually received it in the mail and before opening it, I was a bit more skeptical. How could a cloth not much thicker than a paper towel do everything this one claimed to do? Let me tell you though, that once I opened it, my opinion of it indeed started to change for the better.

This cloth is the one found at The Ultimate Cloth website. When I opened it and gave it a few tugs, I was truly amazed at it's strength! You see, it's made with "Exclusive MiraFiber Technology." It's guaranteed to last for 5 years of general use.

The Ultimate Cloth
is great for everyone including those who have gone totally green or those who are just trying to incorporate some safer green practices into their lifestyles. You can use this along with all natural cleaners including vinegar and baking soda for safe, all-natural cleaning.

My personal experience with The Ultimate Cloth

I really wanted to test this out to prove the streak free claim of it. I simply wet it with plain water and tried it out on my bedroom window. I waited for streaks that never did show up. I also tried it out in my bathroom sink, which did have a little extra soap scum built up, thinking that I would be able to use just water for this task as well. I ended up contacting the company and was instructed to just use a little bit of vinegar to do the trick.

I'd really like to point out that this is a very versatile cloth. It can be used indoors on things like windows, mirrors and floors as well as outdoors in autos, motorcycles and boats. I don't have a swiffer, but also found on the insert that came with it, that it can replace swiffer refills and you'll never need to buy them again. The Ultimate Cloth can be washed and reused time and time and time again.

*This product was provided to me free of charge for review. This review was posted in my own words and from my own experience. I was not otherwise compensated in any other way.