Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Aquafresh Iso Active Review

As a member of SheSpeaks I was sent a full size sample of the new Aquafresh Iso Active toothpaste to try out. I have to tell you that I am impressed. It comes in a can which was the first thing I noticed different about it. When using it, I noticed that it has a mild foaming action. One thing that kind of nagged me just a little was getting past the aerosol taste of it, but I think I forgot all about it by around the third time using it. Compared to the toothpaste that I used beforehand I must say that my teeth felt cleaner with less work on my part after using this toothpaste. I would like to use this toothpaste again. I did check the price of it at a pricier grocery store and it ran in the $4 range, but I do believe that I can find a better price with a little shopping around. My hubby too noticed the difference. He voiced his opinion without my asking, which is something he normally does when he really likes something. I would definitely recommend giving this toothpaste a shot.

*Disclosure* I did receive a free full size sample to try out. I was not otherwise compensated. The views/opinions are those of myself and my husband who actually tried and liked the effects of this toothpaste.