Thursday, November 5, 2009

Share a Laugh (or three)

Kids really do say the Darndest Things. These are three moments I wish I could have caught on camera.

1. My 3 year old kept asking me "Mommy can I eat this candy?" To which I replied each time "No." He'd not yet even eaten breakfast! He cried for a while and proceeded to tell me "I'm tired of you saying no." Of course i'm in shock because i'm not used to him replying in such a manner.

2. My two youngest sons ages 1 and 3 were holding on to my 5 year old daughter. She tried and tried to get away, but once these boys get a grip they hold you against your will. My daughter asks them "Why are you boys holding on to me?" to which my 3 year old replies "Because i'm Superman!"

3. My 5 year old daughter "accidentally" kicked my 7 year old son. Of course he comes complaining to me and I tell her she needs to apologize. She doesn't like to apologize, so she always tries to prove that she's right so I try to intercept her arguing with me by saying "Well if you really did not mean to kick him you need to say nicely that you're sorry." In the sweetest little voice ever she says "Sorry." No sooner than I got a "Thank you" out before she abruptly yells at him "And you better not come in my room!!"