Monday, November 2, 2009

Please Pray for Johnny

He's currently in the hospital, unresponsive. I'm told my mom discovered he was not breathing and lacked a pulse. He's breathing on his own only a little.

Johnny is my cousin. Growing up, my mom would tell us little stories about Johnny. One being the time she was changing my oldest brother when he was a baby. Johnny noticed my brother's wee and replied "I got one of them!" Johnny is the child his mom longed to have. The only child she was blessed to carry in her own womb. He was born with scoliosis, which complicated his life, but he didn't let that get in the way of who he is. Although he's in his 40's, he doesn't look like he finished his twenties.

He'd just recently given me his number; earlier this year. Short but sweet conversations. Just a little call mostly to see how I was doing.

Around a couple months or so ago, I got a call stating that he wasn't doing well. He was in the hospital and not breathing on his own. He knew things were getting worse, his ribs were closing in on his lungs, but didn't want to have to go to the hospital and spend time there, so he didn't tell anyone I guess until he couldn't bear it anymore. We prayed and I asked Twitterworld to pray and guess what...he pulled through by God's grace. Further complications have gotten him back into the hospital in his current state, but we know that our lives are in God's hands and God defied the doctor's once before, when they thought the worst and gave up hope and we're believing in God to do it again! Please pray for Johnny and believe with us.