Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Christmas Wishlist

Five things i'm wishing for for Christmas include:
1. My family getting together
2. A high quality DSLR computer
3 A reliable laptop
4. Health and Happiness
5. The sleighful of gifts being given away at

Favorite handmade gift i've received (thanks for not saying it has to be a Christmas gift because I don't recall ever receiving a handmade Christmas gift):
1. I'd have to go with the handmade blanket my mom made for my firstborn son.

Handmade gift I would love to tackle:
1. I guess i'd have to give a similar answer to that of Jyl over at MomitForward as well and go with:
1.Knitted hats, socks, blankets or even sewn (boy I need to get in someone's class somewhere)

Best Christmas gift I received as a child:
1. I'll have to go with a camera I received. The first one I ever recall owning with the screen on the back. I'd received a tote for Christmas and though that was it. I seriously thought my parents were trying to tell me I was too old to receive the fun Christmas gift until I realized that tote was heavier than it looked like it should be. Inside was the coolest camera EVER (back then anyway, well to me.)

Items on my kids wishlists (include but not limited to)
1. Razor Scooters
2. Helmet Heads
3. Pretty much anything made by Leapfrog (put at the tops of their list by me)
4. Dolls and stuffed animals and ponies
5. Video game related items

Favorite Holiday Food(s)
1.My mom's dressing
2.My grandma's sweet potato pie
3.My mother in law's fettucine

What will I be handcrafting?
1.No plans to handcraft anything, but who can say for sure?

My favorite Holiday Movie:
Forgive me for not having an immediate answer on this one

My favorite holiday song(s):
Joy to the World
Jesus is the Reason
Go Tell it on the Mountain

Favorite Holiday Pastime:
Just being able to enjoy seeing everyone feeling all bubbly inside and the spirit of the season and of giving that just seems to fill the hearts of so many.

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