Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Healthy Kids Tips Around the House

Had to change to a link. Hopefully this is temporary until I can figure out how to expand my borders out. Here's the link to that YouTube Video

This is a video that I and my children created that includes 7 + green tips.
My top three that I try to practice regularly include

1. Turning off lights when they're not in use
2. Turning your heater down or even off whenever possible.
Even colder months have warmer days.
3. Leaving your water heater on the lowest possible setting.

These three tips alone will save energy as well as save you some money.

Some other tips include:

4. Buying green cleaning products.
5. Take a walk, ride a bike or carpool whenever possible
6. Use recycled products
7. Use re-usable bags when you go out shopping
8. Opt for electronic statements or bills, thereby saving trees
9. Use lower watt light bulbs
10. Family activities that involve turning off the computers and televisions such as board games our going to a local park.
11. Say no to plastics (whenever possible) Many plastics have harmful chemicals that react to heat, so i've opted to stop buying my children those oven meals that come in plastic containers.
12.Support Green Companies
13. Opt to dress your family warmer on colder days so that the heat doesn't have to be put up as high.
14. Invest in a water filter. This will save you so much money over buying bottled water and is environmentally friendlier.
15. Buy groceries that are grown locally and that are in season.
16. Try not to wash partial loads whenever possible and be sure to use cold water for washes whenever possible.
17. Take Care of You! Eat right sleep right excercise!

These are all simple changes that anyone can make with little effort.

My sister also told me how she likes to unplug everything when she's not using it including tv's and and other entertainment media devices that require use of electricity.

For some other tips on being green, check out LightSaferGreener and while you're there, be sure to check out the contest they have going on where you can share your family's green tips and have the change to win Airwear lenses for your entire family.