Sunday, October 18, 2009

So Long My Dear Dirt Devil.....

I hate to have to let it go, but it's just not giving me enough time. How did I end up with a Dirt Devil in the first place? I'll gladly share.

As you may or may not know, we recently moved into our new place. We only have carpeting in our living room, and while shopping for household items, my husband suggested we get the Eureka stick vac. I liked the fact that it could be used on floors as well and so I agreed. Well turns out it wasn't powerful enough. I had to roll over things two and three times in many cases before it would end up in that canister. So off we went to exchange it for something that would get the job done for us.

While waiting for the greeter to get things situated as they do for returns, we engaged in conversation, as she was curious as to why I returned it. I said, well it just doesn't pick up right and she says, well I have a Dirt Devil and it's great. So I took her word for it and decided on a rechargeable dirt devil.

We brought it home to find out the initial charge needs to be 24 hours. Ended up sweeping up that night, but when the next night came, it was time to see what that baby could do. Oh yes, it was everything I wanted in a stick vac until a day or so later when I had a little more of a mess to clean up around our first floor area. The power started to drain. I so hoped it was just this particular vacuum cleaner. Maybe bad battery cells.

So I made a call to customer service and explained what was going on. The gentleman explained to me that it was only meant for a quick job. 11-13 minutes quick. I can't tell you how bad this felt. Beside this vacuum being a little heavier than i'd expect for a stick vac, i'd really fallen for it, but i'm a mommy with 4 young ones and I need this several times a day to last more like 15-20 minutes. So you see, if it could have been a little bit longer that it lasted, my relationship with this otherwise wonderful vacuum cleaner would have lasted.

Parting will be such unsweet sorrow :(.