Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Funny Munchkins

I'm posting some funny pictures of my children. I wanted to choose just one, but hey, with four children that was next to impossible, so here goes and I hope you enjoy and get as good a laugh as I and remember laughter is good for you! :)

The picture of my baby with the striped shirt is the first time I caught him "stealing" milk duds. The second was at a birthday party. As you can see chocolate makes baby really happy. And the one where he's sitting on the couch is the most recent. Night before last. Yes that's a box of milk duds that he's "stolen" again. I know you can't tell, but it was dark; I mean lights completely out bed time. The flash on the camera, though, was so bright that it appears otherwise. He thinks that's funny and well I have to laugh too.

The two are of my daughter. Trust me she's normal, though from the one of her screaming it may be hard to tell.

Isn't it always fun to imagine what your boys will look when they're little men? I brought that a little more into perspective. Always get a kick out of it.

And the last picture was a moment I caught of them being, well normal.