Saturday, October 24, 2009

Little Blends (it's another giveaway!)

Having trouble getting your little one to eat fruits and veggies? I know, it's not always easy. I would like to take this opportunity to share a little about Little Blends. A way to get your little one to eat fruits and veggies which are so important as a part of our children's lives.

Little Blends is a mixture of fruit, yogurt and veggies. There are no artificial ingredients and the yogurt is made from milk from cows that have not been treated with rBST growth hormone. It also contains DHA omega 3. So if you're working on getting your child to eat fruits and vegetables, i'd like to direct you to Little Blends. There's also a place where you can print out a money saving coupon so that you can give it a try.

The people at Little Blends and Twittermoms have sent me a cute thermos along with a Little Blends spoon and a coupon good for a free 4-pack of little coupons to give as a prize to one of my blog readers. If you'd like to see what they look like, check out this video on YouTube You can receive multiple entries by doing the following and please be sure to leave a comment for each entry so that you'll get credit for each one:

1.Check out the Little Blends website and tell me something that you've learned. Please don't duplicate the comment directly before yours.

2.Follow this blog publicly

3. Subscribe to my RSS feed

4. Follow me on twitter

5. Tweet this message with quotes removed "@comefollowme Win a Little Blends gift pack:" (can be tweeted up to 4x's a day)

Be sure to leave a comment for each entry. This giveaway will end 11/6 and is open only to residents within the 48 contiguous United States

*This is a sponsored giveaway for which I received a thermos, coupon and spoon to keep for myself and also one to give away.