Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Do you Cozi?

I learned about Cozi while missing out on Blogher 2009. What is Cozi? Cozi is a site that helps you get organized. I mean everything from schedules to grocery lists to appointment reminders.

I like that fact that you can access it from anywhere. So if you're traveling, no worries. It's also portable. Yes, you can access your to do list from your mobile device. I mean how many times have you written a list of things to do and misplaced it? Well with Cozi that problem is solved.

Another great feature which I just found out about is their Family Journal. This is a place where you can capture family moments and photos and share them with your loved ones. My children are always saying or doing things that give me a good laugh or just make my mouth drop wide open. The moments that I want to remember and Cozi's Family Journal is here to make this possible.

So how much is to join Cozi? Free! You get all these awesome features at no cost. There's also a great promotion going on at their site where if you join you can get $10 off of an 8x8 photobook at Shutterfly. I've created a photobook with them before and the quality is outstanding. So check out Cozi for yourself, do become a member and simplify your life.

*This is an unsolicited/unpaid promotion for Cozi. Just something i'm sharing because in my opinion it can help make your life easier.