Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh the Slander!!!

So I just found this tweet on Twitter:

ResourcefulMom @ComeFollowMe I've had to unfollow you because of your prize behavior, but filling out a toddler shoe form when you DID NOT win? #blocked

Would you like to know what she was referring to when she said "my prize behavior?"

Well, she had a post back some time ago where she was hosting a giveaway for some bikes. She said in her blog entry that you can get as many entries as you'd like. So, I went to twitter and even went under a twitter id that i'd created that had very few followers and I began to tweet away. I then received this:

ResourcefulMom: Hey, friend, easy on the Schwinn entries. I really hate my contests associated with spam. Thanks!

So in return I sent her a message letting her know that I was trying to maximize on my entries as per the rules of her blog post, and per her request I stopped sending out the tweets.

I later found this tweet:

ResourcefulMomPet Peeve of the Day: People who will do anything to win a prize :(
4:18 PM Jun 14th from web.

I then proceeded to go to her site to remove my entries and to twitter to delete my tweets.

On to the toddler shoes. There was another contest going where toddler shoes were being given away. I entered and the form I filled out I thought was a form asking what size shoes you would want to win if you won. She's saying that I filled out the form for the winners. If that's the one I filled out, it was an honest mistake. I'm not one to try and claim prizes that I didn't win. I'm thankfully not that badly in need of a pair of shoes and just thought it would be a nice prize if I happened to win. So anyway, I responded to the above tweet that she sent with this:

That's unbelievable. I'm just now seeing your slanderous tweet from 9/7. I did not/ would not stoop that low!!

and then this:

@resourcefulmom @euphorialuv the only thing I recall doing is an entry form, but i'm not that tasteless. That is not my style.

and then sent this email:

I know you're referring to the bike giveaway you had back some time, but your blog said I could get as many entries as I liked. I was trying to maximize on my entries. You should have been more clear. The tweet that you sent out that day about your Pet Peeve of the day about people doing anything to win a prize was very offensive. I tried to explain to you that I used a twitter id that I had that had a very few followers because I wasn't trying to be a spammer. As far as the shoes, the only thing I recall doing is trying to enter to win my baby a pair, but to try and claim a pair that I hadn't won is totally not me. I wouldn't do anything like that. I'm not that desperate. I am very much offended.

and got this response:

I have the form where you filled out your name, address, and child’s shoe size – the prize winner form. I am sorry you are offended, but you are deceptive. Please do not e-mail me again.

Is that hurtful? How would you handle this because i'm crushed that anyone would think that lowly of me.