Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ahh sweet relief...

As you all know we've made our move back to my hometown. See Home Again post. I had no idea it would be so difficult to find a place to stay. I left my parents house as a result of getting married, so therefore i'd never had the "pleasure" to look for a place to know how difficult it would be. Today, though, we finally signed a lease agreement and sealed the deal to move in Thursday. The kids will finally be able to once again consistently sleep in bedrooms. We're really excited about the fireplace that's in our place as well.

I never knew that rent was negotiable until this experience. We were able to get our place $100 cheaper than what they were asking and were also able to successfully negotiate our lease agreement. I did have to pray about the lease agreement part though because that wasn't looking so good up until the last hour before it was time to actually go in and finalize everything.

We've already seen the place, and know that we will have challenges ahead. The first one being getting my kids over their initial excitement of moving into a new place. There are doorways on each side leading from the dining room to the kitchen and they wouldn't stop running around when we went to view it. I know that this will take several days and possibly even weeks for them to get used to it and not run around. It's a townhouse, so we'll have to get used to climbing stairs every night to go to bed. It makes me a bit nervous because they're narrow stairs and the children aren't used to climbing stairs on a constant basis. They aren't carpeted either. We'll definitely be needing a safety gate for our 1 and a half year old. We will have to do a lot of replacing of our furniture, so on a very tight budget, i'm hoping that we can find something reasonable. My final challenge is how everything will be set up furniture wise. Otherwise we're very excited about it all. The neighborhood seems to be fairly quiet and well hey we'll be on our own as a family again.