Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Visiting Family

I hadn't seen my dad since 2006 when I was pregnant with my very soon to be 3 year old. He had never met our two youngest children in person. It seems so strange, but we just haven't had the finances and/or a dependable vehicle at the same time.

My husband is trying to get hired out that way, so finally I was able to see him again last week. And to think I almost didn't go. We had been planning to all go since about 2 weeks prior, when my husband got word that if he could pass a physical, he could get a job that would move us out that way.

The day before got here and we got a very unexpected and disappointing visit that work needed to be done on our place. This was Tuesday and they wanted to come Wednesday. We were instructed to remove everything from our closets. I changed my mind about going. We were up late trying to get everything out of the closets. I told my sister I didn't realize our lives were in our closets; we've accumulated so much it's unbelievable.

When they got here and removed the ceilings to install ducts, I decided I don't want to be here, nor do I want my children to be here breathing in the insulation and whatever else was up there not good to inhale.

We went ahead and packed and hit the road for that long 6 hour drive. Got there around 11pm on Wednesday night. My 1 year old became the clingiest child ever, not opening up to anyone; not letting anyone hold him long before having a fit including his own dad. I was the only person he wanted holding him.

It was so good being able to see everyone. The first night my sister next to me invited us over for dinner. The next day we ran into my oldest brother's wife at Walmart and they invited us to Chuck E Cheese's and the children had a fantastic time; my oldest son was with my sister, so he was very disappointed when he found out we'd gone without him, but in my defense, we couldn't get in touch. On Saturday, we went to my second oldest brother's house and followed them to a very nice park in Highland Park and they had a barbecue and again the children had a blast. The very next day my oldest brother invited us over and we had yet more barbecue.

I really miss being around my family and am hoping that all works out and we can be nearer again.