Monday, June 29, 2009

Sweethearts Patriotic Shakers

What you'll need:

Red, White and You Sweethearts
Clear plastic container with flip-top lid (such as a nut or spice container)
Red, white and blue ribbons
Metal brads
Phillips head screwdriver
Patriotic stickers for embellishment (such as stars, flags, fireworks)

Thoroughly clean plastic container, remove any existing labels with soap and water, and dry completely.

Use screwdriver to poke a hole in the lid of the container, being careful to keep flip-top function intact. Keep adding pressure to screwdriver until a hole is formed.

Cut 8 to 12 small strands of ribbon, each measuring 16"long. Cut a small hole in the end of each ribbon and place a metal brad through each of the holes to create a streamer. Press brad into the hole in the lid and open up the brad's tabs to secure in place.

To complete, fill the container halfway with Red, White and You Sweethearts and embellish the outside of the container with patriotic stickers.