Monday, June 29, 2009

Sweethearts Party Favors

What you'll need:
1 oz boxes of Red, White and You Sweethearts
Sheets of cardstock or construction paper
Single hole puncher
Glue stick
Crayons, markers and stickers for embellishment

Measure and cut cardstock to 7½"x4". Starting with the narrow end of the box, wrap the cardstock around the box to create a sleeve. The edges should overlap on each side of the box. Use the glue stick to secure the overlaps together, remove the box and let sleeve dry.

Gently pinch one end of the open sleeve together and create a hole with the hole puncher about ½" down.

Cut a piece of ribbon to 20" and insert one end of the ribbon into the hole from the outside and pull through to create a ribbon sling for you box of Sweethearts, using the holes that you created in step 2.

Insert the box into the sling and push down so the sleeve completely covers the box. To secure, tie a decorative bow with the excess ribbon.

Lastly, embellish the sleeve with patriotic words, stickers and designs. Use as party favors, invitations, or maybe even a simple thank-you.