Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How I got my feelings hurt.......on twitter

And no I didn's see it coming. This was almost tear worthy, but let me give you the juicy details.

I attended a twitter event. They were offering a prize I really wanted to win. For some reason, i've entered several contests and attended many events run by this particular host, but never won anything from this particular host.

Per the prize rules, I could get as many entries as I wanted. Ok, so I'm going all out. I just really got into a drive to lose weight, and this would be absolutely what I need to get me kick started. I log onto my second twitter account, which at the time had only 3 followers, thinking I won't be doing any harm. I also warned the followers to that account that I was after a prize, so don't mind me in so many words. I was on a mission.

I seriously tweeted about 100 times and went back and entered each one on that post. I wanted to lock in my chances, knowing that only 2 were being given away, so I went back at it. On my way to my second hundred. Literally. By this time, i'd somehow managed to get a total of 7 followers.

I see a message pop to my inbox from this host and open to read "Hello, friend could you slow down on the so and so entries, I don't want to be associated with spam." I responded with a "You got it!" and let this person know that I was just taking advantage of the entries that I could get. This wasn't the part that cut though. The part that cut my was when I went back and read the tweets from that person and one being "Pet peeve of the day, people who would do anything to win a prize." Ouch! Wouldn't that hurt you? It hurt me. The rules stated that I could get as many entries as I wanted, and so that's exactly what I was doing.

Well, I went back and deleted my entries. All the ones that i'd posted for my shot at winning (so I thought). I did go back and find that I have one more to delete, but I already deleted the tweet attached to it anyway, so i'm sure it won't count.