Monday, March 30, 2009

Wellesse Vitamin D Review

I recently received this bottle of vitamin D3 from Wellesse. Yes it's a bottle that contains vitamin D3 in the form of a liquid. I must say for myself that it is delicious. My children love it as well. It is naturally berry flavored and contains no artificial colors or flavors. It can be added to other foods or liquids if you'd like, but it tastes great straight from the bottle. Because it is a liquid, it is easily absorbed by your body. I really appreciate that this product is good for the entire family from ages 4 to adults. Vitamin D is important for the absorption of calcium. Studies have shown that an insufficiency in vitamin D can lead to low bone density in pediatric patients to type 1 diabetes in youths to increased risk of cardiovascular disease (see sciencedaily report here). Visit the Wellesse website to learn more about this and the other great products that they make. You can also find more information on where you can buy it for yourself and even print coupons.