Monday, March 9, 2009

Play Hard, Sleep Hard

Saturday was oh so lovely. I couldn't resist letting my children go out and get a dose of good weather. My oldest son got dressed and was out the door. Next comes my daughter. Out the door. Diesel can't get himself ready alone. He'd been walking around undressed, so I instructed him to go pee, because we're in the process of potty training. He went and came for me to dress him. When we finished, happily outside he goes.

It wasn't long after that my husband was bringing him in with a story to tell. He'd pulled down his clothes outside because he had to go again. He does get a headstart in the house, dropping his pants in the living room in the front so he can be ready by the time he gets to the bathroom in the back, but dropping 'em outside before he got into the house was just too much of a headstart. Some other children who were walking by saw him and my oldest didn't like the little expressions that they were making. I guess he took it as though someone were picking on his little brother, so my husband had to calm him down.

Later that evening they were in the back watching some television when Diesel fell asleep. I'm telling you, a good play outside gets them everytime. My husband had to grab the camera and catch this picture. Can't get your kids to sleep? Try the old fashioned remedy of a good day's play outside followed by a hot bath.