Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Five Tips for making sure your kids are getting the vitamins and minerals they need for strong bones

1. Let them assist in the preparation of meals that are healthy for them

Kids are excited about helping out in the kitchen. While they are young, obviously their assistance will have to be limited, but find something that they can do to feel good about helping even if it's just passing you the tomatoes. Get them involved. Let them pull up a chair and watch you. They're more like to want to try something "they've made themselves" and as an added bonus, this boosts their self confidence.

2. Lead by example

My sister and I occasionally bring up the fact that if there's a food we don't like, we won't even buy it. I, for example, have never ever ever liked beets, but who's to say my kids won't. Maybe you don't like a certain vegetable. Try to find a different way to use it in a different recipe, or try adding a little bit and drown it with other flavor additions. Your kids may like it as it is.

3. Be Persistent

Sometimes you just may not have a taste for a particular something on a particular day. Kids are the same way. If at first you don't succeed, try again. At least one more try before you give up. Let your kids see you eating healthy and this will encourage them to do the same.

4. Offer Treats

My kids occasionally don't want to eat a dish that i've prepared that I know is good for them. They'll eat really slow and store the food in their cheeks. Sometimes I have to offer them a little motivation such as a piece of candy, which in moderation won't do them any harm. This really gets their teeth chomping and before you know it, they're stuffed with nutritional goodness.

5. Find Alternatives

You've tried, and you just can't get your kid to drink milk. Try replacing the milk for cheese or yogurt. Try and find other alternatives that contain the vitamins that you're looking to strengthen your kids bones, boost their immunity and support mental clarity. If it comes down to it, there are many vitamins out there that come in fruity flavors that your kids are sure to enjoy.

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