Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So stressed right now.

First let me say hello to my VERY FIRST FOLLOWER!! Bless you.

I am just stressed out right now. On the verge of tears and I need to vent. My husband was released from the military based on severe depression. Well tonight I had to take him to the hospital because it was getting the best of him again. So here I am all alone with our fabulous 4. Hoping things go smoothly.
When he was admitted to the hospital back when he was stationed in California, I at least had my sister to help me out. Right now, it's just me and the kids. We're at least 5 hours from my nearest family with an unregistered van that won't reverse. I was supposed to be heading to the dentist tomorrow for a recurring toothache which i'll have to cancel and hope that the pain won't stir up again.
The ride out was to get him to the hospital was devastating. Usually, my husband drives and he pushes the van out with his foot, because we happen to fortunately be on a decline so that helps a lot. I had to do the driving tonight. I put the van in reverse when he reminded me uh no that's not going to work. I put it into neutral and stepped on the brake too soon which stopped the flow and had to try my foot out, forgetting I had the other foot on the brake, I attempted to push it out. He had to get out and help push and at the same time I remembered my foot was on the brake and took it off so we could get it out.
We took the back streets to the VA and the whole way I had to control myself from complaining. I know he needs the counseling. I guess it's what's best for him. So that's where we are now.
I still don't know what's up with the hotline number we called for advice. My husband was having an emergency of sorts and they give me number for him to call a specialist tomorrow. He was really stressed and I couldn't stand to see him suffering this way all night. It's more like the coldline. Well, I sit here awaiting his call; telling me what's next.