Saturday, February 7, 2009

How I Plan To Spend Valentine's Day

Ahh Valentine's Day. The national day of love. Well for me, with four children, the best i'll be able to do is to be spontaneous. My husband and I have had our pre-Valentine's celebration, which is probably all we will really be able to do. He gave me chocolates, I gave him one of those little radios that you can recharge by winding it or placing it in the sunshine. Four kids under 7 make it virtually impossible. Well, maybe at the end of the day, we'll sit on the couch together and watch some cooking show and snuggle up, unless of course a nice romantic movie will happen to be on that we can both agree to. He's not a girly romantic movie type of guy unless it would have some sort of action involved, but I kinda doubt that'll happen, but we'll see.

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