Friday, February 20, 2009

Hoping He'll Return Tomorrow

As of right now my husband is still hospitalized. I put his picture as our computer background picture because my kids are missing daddy; and so is mommy. I would have gladly taken the drive to see him, but everything with our van seems wrong except that we all have a place to sit and it can drive forward. I almost wanted to cry when my baby boy sat on my lap talking to the picture of daddy. I didn't even know it mattered so much to him, but yes he realizes daddy isn't here.

We're hoping he'll be released tomorrow. They're trying to make sure the meds are stabilized in his body before they let him go. Otherwise, everything else seems to be well. I've really taken the time of his absence to reflect on so much of what my husband is to me. I can't imagine my life without him. We have our Tuesday and Thursday night shows that we normally watch together. He's my best (earthly) friend and truly a father to our children. We laugh together and vent to each other. We're each others support system. He makes a mean spaghetti. He helps me out by preparing dinner at least twice a week. I hope, as I sit here and start to cry typing it all and reflecting, that we never have to go through this again. Our lives have been so difficult in the time that he's been out of the Navy. He's going through a lot healthwise.

Baby, if you ever do take time and read my blog, know that I love you with all of my heart. We have our ups and downs but I am missing you so much right now. I appreciate the sacrifices that you make for this family. and the love I know you have for us all. We don't always have it all together, but life is about learning, so in your fight i'll fight with you. I know you have my back and I want you to know that I have yours too. I love you so much.

Everyone else, please never take your loved ones for granted.