Monday, December 8, 2008

More on my life as a Christian..

Well what do you know, I made it back in a decent amount of time. I want to blog more today about my life as a Christian. I remember accepting Christ in my life back in ninth grade. Unfortunately for me, I can't tell you the exact date, as I know some people who can really break it down.
I'd previously gone to the altar to give my life to Christ on several occasions, but would eventually revert back to my old self and not live the life, doing things I wasn't so proud of. But at this time, my church was in revival and I saw a lady, who had dated one of my brothers, and knowing how she had been and what had happened to her at the revival I figured well it's really time to get serious about this. So I went back to the alter and committed my life to Christ for real for real this time. I remember being a freshman at St Joseph's high school and I already stood out like a sore thumb. I wasn't allowed to wear pants as a result of living in a strict pentecostal household and also that year I had to get my hair cut off because it was breaking off so bad. I didn't have the best of clothes because there were so many of us (eight children) that most of our clothes came from second hand stores and I absolutely was not popular. I remember sitting in a line of classmates shortly after the revival and after recommiting my life and being asked by the teacher along with everyone else, what was my favorite type of music. I announced that I liked gospel music. I can remember several sets of eyes looking past the head in front of them to get a glimpse of the girl who just admitted that. I'd done it. I spoken up for what I believed in, in a way. I was shy and not at all outspoken and could easily and had been overlooked and looked down on at this school with preppy rich kids. Boy that really set me apart.

Well, how did I end up at that school anyway.....
I was the "good girl" at my church coming up. My personality had so much to do with my upbringing, again with the strict parents, pentecostal household. The choir directress had a niece whom she thought some of my "kindness" could rub off on, so she wanted me to go to school with her and agreed to share the cost with my father. Well this tightened the pre-existing tension between she and I.