Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hello there. I'm back and just wanted to add a little more. One thing about my human side is a problem with committing to some things. They say that after 21 days of doing something new, it becomes a part of you. Well, I tried it and it's more like you accept that you have to do it so it's easier to do it. On that note, i've been saying for a couple of days that i'm gonna blog some more, and here I am. I'm sitting here while everyone else is sleeping, my youngest laying across my lap on his back.

I just want to tell you all of something that happened here a couple of days ago. My cat Bella got a hold of my bird Bloo. I remember when we first got our cat. My mom was still staying with us at the time. She was hoping the cat and bird would be "friends" so she sat the birdcage on the floor. Of course the cat curiously circled the cage. Well she was quite young when we got her and you know how you see those pictures of cats with birds sitting on their heads or backs or something like that? We were hoping they would take a liking to each other. I think what happened instead was the cat grew an appetite for parakeet. The cat often jumps up at the cage and scares the bird and has, on occasion, knocked the whole cage down, bird and all. Well, back to the story of what happened a couple of days ago. The bird somehow got out of the cage and it was like the cat knew exactly when it was going to happen. The bird didn't get anywhere before he "appeared" in the cats mouth. I panicked and snapped on my husband for him to rescue the bird as he sat there frozen and in shock. The cat made it to one of our back rooms and we were right behind her. She somehow dropped the bird, a mistake she rarely makes when she has something she really wants, and ran on about her business. I reached out my finger for the bird who was "fussing" at me as if it were somehow my fault. Well he was quieter than normal for the following couple of days, but now he is back to his normal self.