Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back to Church today...

Hello. I finally went back to church today after about two months. Not that I haven't been wanting to go. I really enjoy my church, but we ran into some circumstances back several weeks ago which turned into well okay, maybe i'll go for the next service and then became i'll get back someday. What changed my thinking to going back was a verse that was on my mind about not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together. Then my husband happened to install a bible verse a day application to the sidebar on vista. The day that I did look at it, that very scripture was there and I was like okay I have to get back. It just felt so good and right to finally go back. Everyone was all cheery as usual. The Pastor talked today on raising our children. I was enlightened to some things that I can change about the ways I teach my children. I had this one way of doing it, but it was good to hear another way from another person's experience.

I had to have my husband drop us off because I didn't want to go through the hassle of trying to park a van that won't reverse. That's right, our van won't reverse. Back in March we had a flood. Prior to that, we'd had the van looked at and we were told that we needed a new starter which was going bad. We didn't have the money at the time so we couldn't get it fixed. After the flood, we did get the starter replaced, but things haven't been the same with our van since. Our area was denied FEMA assistance, leaving us to try to make a way to get the extra repairs now added as a result of that flood. It won't hold a charge, it won't reverse. It keeps up weird noises, and frankly we're afraid it will give out on us at anytime. But we can't afford a new one at this time, so we're stretching it out as long as we can and thanking God it is at least working for now.

Typing this just made me think of an experience that I had back when I was still single. I had a Geo Metro back then. It would konk out on me at times. This one particular day, i'd went to the library and got done doing whatever it was I had to do and went back out to my car which decided it was going to be one of those days that it wasn't going to start. I started praying and begging God to please let the car start and I called myself applying all the faith I could possibly muster up. The car still didn't start and I couldn't understand why God wouldn't help me out. I was so hurt. I don't recall how much later it was, but me Pastor talked about how his car stopped on him. Wow, so it happened to him too? Someone whom I knew had a close relationship with God because it just showed. Someone "higher up in the ranks" and his car stopped on him too. Ok, so God really doesn't have respect of persons. We're human and sometimes these things happen. I don't get a special privileges for my car. Cars need repairs here and there, and that's just the way it is.

On this note, i'd like to just remind everyone to be thankful to God for everything that you have, no matter how much it seems that it's not. You have life in your body, you're able to breathe. If you need someone to take care of you, well you must have them because you're reading this and you're alive. God is not our personal genie. We take for granted so often the things that we have that seem little to us and forget to thank Him, as if He owes us anything. He gave us His only Son, and if He were to never give us anything else, He's already given His best. We can never pay Him back for all He's done, but we can give back by looking out for others in need. The fatherless, widows, elderly and all in between. Sometimes just a smile or a visit could do so much more than we could ever know.

Another reality that hits me at times. If you're alive, you have to die someday. I have to die someday. It's a given, unless the Lord returns first. I've given birth to children who have to leave here someday. I have to teach them as best as I can while I have the opportunity. Show them the path that God wants them to take and hope and pray they will take that path when it's no longer in my hands, but theirs to make the right decisions.