Sunday, December 28, 2008

And another

We had yet another blackout lastnight. I know, so soon. And yet again we were unprepared. Everything happened so fast. I was sitting here trying to decide on a new look for my blog when suddenly the wind started blowing really hard. So suddenly, I thought we were being hit by a tornado and yelled it out "TORNADO!!" getting everybody all in a frenzy. We quickly gathered together sitting down on the floor in our little hallway. My husband went and turned the television on as me and the kids sat there and said nope just really strong winds. What a relief, but very soon after, the lights started blinking until they were completely out. And stayed out for about 2 hours or so this time. And this time it was just our block apparently, cause my husband looked right across the way and saw lights. My son remembered how we'd used my DS the last time and thought of his Didj which has a nice backlight and so we had two sources of light. I again thought about how amazing what a little light can do for so much darkness. We ended up eating dinner late; the kind of late where if you eat that late, you end up having weird dreams and your body feels weird. Yuck. I guess I shoulda kept it simple, but I just had to have more Christmas leftovers.

Bruiser usually enjoys food, but not our Christmas meal. The first night after all my hard work, he complained that it was nasty and I caught him trying to scrape it into the garbage. The second night he decided he would take one spoon at a time into the kitchen and put it in a "random" place. The third night, he just decided he wouldn't finish it, just leave it there. I guess if he doesn't acquire the taste for Holiday food next year, Lord's willing, i'll just have to make something special just for him.